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A perfect day in Budapest!

campona kockapark

A perfect day in Budapest!

Have a look around and have fun – at the same place!

If you visit Budapest, you will have countless famous sights and attractions to choose from. However, you should plan some fun while touring those cultural and historical places of interests. There is a spot awaiting children and adults with not only attractions, but also with enthusiastic play and delight!

The Campona Kockapark offers plenty of opportunities to its guests in a way that anyone can be happily entertained regardless of their age. Because LEGO® is adored by kids and adults too! There is a reason why such expression like AFOL (Adult Fan OF Lego) exists. It literally means a group of grown-ups leaving their childhood behind, but still being in love with the famous building blocks and construction tasks. This place could be heaven for them!

If you wish to visit an extraordinary, interactive exhibition, you can see more than 25 pieces of model railroads of enormous size here. One can witness LEGO® Technic miracles, for example trains being controlled remotely and running on the rails of the breathtaking copy of Nyugati railway station. We must mention the exceptional atmosphere of the airport and the amusement park, of which come alive thank to buildings and vehicles that move around.

Yet, there are more potentials in savouring the true joy of play than marvelling at the model railroads. Everyone can find an exciting program. For example, the token program, where you can pick girly or boyish construction works or adventures. Animators help participants through the thrilling tasks – do not leave your skills and inventiveness at home!

The token games are part of the stamp-collecting program, in which the children have to face further challenges. Every tackled challenge means a stamp and all collected stamps mean a prize of course. You can also earn stamps by controlling a small LEGO® Technic car or train or by accomplishing constructional tasks. Other stages welcome their contestants with Xbox games. Naturally, you can choose these options without collecting stamps.

The indoor playground with countless pieces of LEGO® building elements calls kids to have a real adventure; the children can use their fantasies and show their creativity while doing free-style constructing. When leaving the venue after a long day of excitement – at the end of their play – they can visit the gift shop to bring some nice keepsake home.

kockapark jatszohaz zsetonos

Kockapark programs

Indor Playground, Token

Lego Technic

LEGO Technic car driving

Indor Playground

By the way, venue! You can easily get to the interactive family fun centre of Campona Kockapark by car, 5 minutes from the exit of the M0 ring motorway to immerse in the wonderful world of LEGO®. Do you fancy coming by public transport? No problem, you have more options coming from the city centre, for example, you can take bus 133E.

There is one thing you can take for granted. If you wish to gain genuine experience while playing a little bit, you should have a break from your sightseeing tour and come to see us! You will surely be satisfied with your decision! Whether you are around or travel here on purpose, the varied and unforgettable programs will earn your recognition you give only to the greatest pastimes ever! Furthermore, this fantastic empire of toys and games is open every day, all year around. Any time you come over, you will not be disappointed! A little play comes handy for everyone!

Visit the LEGO® realm of Campona KockaPark!