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LEGO through a photographer’s eye

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LEGO through a photographer’s eye

Compelling photo exhibition in KockaPark

LEGO® is a toy known worldwide. One can easily state that there is no such person who would have not played with it, or his or her child or grandchild would have not played with it, or he or she would not play with it even now. Yet we can have a chance now to see a completely different side of the toy. The exhibition at Campona KockaPark lets us have an insight into the world of  LEGO® through a photographer’s eye.

The so called „toy photography” is rather unknown in Hungary, but still, it is a passion since childhood for Benedek Lampert. Through his images he discloses a world that is magical and real at the same time. The toy and the elements of the real world create reconciled and fascinating compositions, of which take several hours or even days to make, he admits.

Benedek Lampert FFP coffe vader

He must pay attention to every little detail to achieve the desired result. He often has to choose locations where his activity seems rather strange and odd to people passing by. Such locations may include a sandbox of a playground or even the middle of a sidewalk. But the outcome of his vocation and passion is obvious. His photos are simply amazing and explicit.

csiga festek

Now these photos can be seen in KockaPark, where this extraordinary show takes us to another universe. The exhibition located amongst a sea of LEGO offers remarkable experience for children and adults alike, and calls everyone to have an adventure. The photos of the professional LEGO photographer can be purchased at the end of the show, thus if you really like one, you can have it hanged on your own wall later on.

Benedek badvader

This exhibition is not simply a curiosity. It guides us to an alien cosmos showing exciting and unique aspects in a way that we completely forget how we thought about LEGO before. You can expect having a wonderful time and exciting recreation from this show, where the tiny figures of the enthralling scenes come alive thanks to this outstandingly talented photographer.

LEGO® exhibition and indoor playground in Campona Shopping Center at the 1st floor