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A new Empire is born – Star Wars LEGO exhibition

star wars

A new Empire is born – Star Wars LEGO exhibition

In Campona Kockapark a special Star Wars Empire is awaiting for you until the end of this year.

The KockaPark provides carefree entertainment for all ages, since beside those millions and millions of LEGO® bricks waiting to be built up; brilliantly constructed model railroads and playful tasks welcome the guests here. Now it is even more worth dropping by this astounding world, full of miracles, and you can visit a new, but well-known Empire by purchasing your usual daily ticket.

The ‘cannot miss’ Star Wars exhibition is located in a separate, 200-m2-room, as some scenes come alive amongst the notoriously famous buildings. You should not skip this extraordinary exhibition – welcoming everyone until the of the year – even if you are not a fond of Star Wars, but if you happen to be one, it is a must see for you!

To come around and see this exhibition, bustling with main characters and unforgettable scenes is definitely worthwhile. You can revive the previous parts, as the premier of the next episode of Star Wars will be in December.

Here you will be amazed by Jabba’s Palace, the watchtower behind it, the spaceships of different appearances, the train of the Galactic Empire, the lava planet and many of the famous buildings and creatures; and in the meantime, you will come across more than 100 characters as LEGO® figures.

Best of all, you do not have to buy a separate ticket; you can enjoy this unique exhibition by the usual KockaPark daily ticket. It will definitely be a special experience for all.

The KockaPark welcomes the children with special programs and an indoor playground

The rest of the LEGO® empire can also be discovered by all family members as usual in addition to the Star Wars exhibition. All the professionally constructed model railroads are there for us, but we must not forget about play. These building bricks excite and motivate both the very little ones and their parents and grandparents to play.

The Star Wars exhibition can be the highlight of your great fun, but watch out! If you have not showed much interest in Han Solo, Yoda, Darth Vader and the rest of the characters so far, be ready, as you will surely be absorbed by this undoubtedly original world.

Star Wars LEGO exhibition - Until the 31st of December 2019 a very special Star Wars empire is awaiting for you on more than 200 square metres in Campona KockaPark